• Physicals for men and women: Complete physical including pelvic exam, pap-smear, and manual breast exam for women, and prostate check for men, as well as blood work. 
  • Well-child visits: Height, weight, growth and developmental milestones, and anticipatory guidance for parents.
  • Sports physicals for adolescents: complete physical with school paperwork clearance for athletics.
  • DOT physicals: complete physical including urine testing, eye testing, hearing testing, and blood work upon request.
  • Episodic visits: colds, bronchitis, earaches, sore throat, rashes, any other ailments that require clinic visit.
  • Lab testing: Labs are ordered and then completed through the clinic of your choice.
  • Thyroid and Adrenal  support: Thyroid symptom checklist, lab testing for all 4 thyroid labs, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and Thyroperoxidase. Desiccated thyroid presciptions such as Nature-throid or Armour Thyroid, pure T3, or compounded thyroid meds.
  • Bio-identical hormone balancing: saliva testing, bio-identical hormone information and products.
  • Saliva testing; hormone balancing, adrenal fatigue: Work with lab testing facility, ZRT Labs, in Beaverton, OR  
  • Diet and Nutrition counseling: discuss diet, supplements, exercise, and reasons for weight gain or weight loss. Heal the body through FOOD!
  • Supplement counseling: discuss various supplements for various health concerns and issues.
  • Prescription drug therapy or natural remedies are offered at all times at this clinic.
  • Massage therapy: PLEASE Call or Text SEAN with Lakes Area Masage at 218-310-8467 or EMAIL him at
    • Orthopedic massage 30 minute massage $30
    • Sports massage 60 minute massage $60
    • Deep-Tissue massage 90 minute massage $90
    • Swedish massage
    • Relaxation massage
    • Chair massage